The key to successful interpretation.

Exhibition Design

Redman Design takes a fresh look at each project and works with clients to create exhibitions that are entertaining, informative and accessible to the broadest possible audience.

The key to successful exhibition design lies in selecting a range of techniques and technologies and applying them appropriately, so that the widest possible audience can
gain access to the objects and the stories behind them. Our approach will include cutting edge technologies, state-of-the-art design tools and display techniques and our aim will be to maximise the impact of objects and to inspire, creating opportunities for learning and enjoyment. An important part of our role is to measure rhythms and pace within the exhibitions and galleries so that visitors are energised to follow their own paths of discovery. Our strategy will be to ensure that there is logic to the way individual displays connect and inter-relate, whilst at the same time providing visitors with a sense that there is yet more
to discover.