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Treasures of the Brotherton, Leeds

Completed: 2016    Budget:   


The Treasures of the Brotherton gallery comprises a series of display spaces that together have enabled Leeds University's Brotherton Library to display highlights from their collections.

The two main display spaces are divided by a pocket door which allows the permanent gallery to remain open whilst the temporary exhibition space is being re-displayed. In addition there is a bookable conference room which allows activities and events to spill into an adjacent space.

Exhibition Design

The display infrastructure has created a flexible environment for the display of collections in various configurations. Graphic interpretation, interactives and digital media support the objects and gallery themes.

Our attention to detail during the design process has been critical in achieving a high quality end product. Considered selection and specification of materials has enabled the construction of durable, high quality displays.

Digital labels provide a flexible platform for updating information about the collections on display and creating links to objects that remain in the Library itself.