A new museum for Cardiff

The Cardiff Story, Phase I, Cardiff

Completed: 2011    Budget: 2.13m    Size: 762m


Redman Design has completed work on phase one of an exciting new museum for Cardiff which will provide an introduction to the capital city for visitors and a valuable community resource for its residents. 

The museum is based in the 19th century Grade II* listed Old Library in the very heart of the city and focuses on stories, memories, objects and images collected from the people of Cardiff.

The Cardiff Story

Exhibition Design

The Sense of Cardiff  gallery gives an overview of Cardiff's rich and varied history, exploring how Cardiff grew to become the city it is today through its relationship with its hinterland and its ability to trade throughout the world via its docks.

Visitors are greeted by five of colourful timeline monoliths which illustrate turning points in Cardiff's history.  Beyond the monoliths, a variety of colour-coded displays investigate the themes of Changing Cardiff and Working Communities looking at how Cardiff has changed physically and how its inhabitants have adapted to these changes.

City Lab's fascinating interactives will give all visitors, young and old, a chance to discover for themselves the history of Cardiff's people, streets and buildings.


Redman Design created the Cardiff Story branding, which has been used on signage and publicity material to establish a strong sense of identity for the new museum. The brand's colour palette extends throughout the gallery spaces, creating a consistent experience for visitors. Graphics are used within the galleries to visually unify the key-themed sections and to deliver the bi-lingual text in an accessible way.  Large collages feature a selection of historic and modern photography alongside artwork from local Welsh artists and illustrators.

Within City Lab the graphic approach will stimulate excitement and anticipation, conveying key information through an interactive wall-sized timeline.  Activity stations with child-friendly illustrations and silhouettes of city buildings enliven the flexible learning spaces.


Redman Design was commissioned to design external banners to identify and raise awareness of the museum and to direct people to the entrance.

We also designed wayfinding and informational signage within the building.  This signage has to be in both English and Welsh with Braille and tactile pictograms to extend accessibility.  So that Braille readers can reach to read the signs they are sited at an accessible height and exceed the minimum size for legibility.

In order for the client to be able to update the signs when required we have selected a slatted system within bespoke frames. The Cardiff Story logo appears on principal signs and their shape echoes its "speech bubbles" form.