Roman Frontier: Stories beyond Hadrian's Wall.

Roman Frontier, Tullie House Museum, Carlisle

Completed: 2011    Budget: £1.5m    Size: 500m≤


Redman Design  worked alongside staff from the Tullie House Museum to develop an interpretation strategy and scheme design to create a new Roman gallery to engage visitors and  bring to life the North West frontier of the Roman Empire.

The gallery, Roman Frontier: Stories Beyond Hadrian's Wall,  forms a key component in the promotion of Hadrian's Wall as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The project has created a gallery of major significance to interest both local audiences and international tourists, generating new and additional visits for Tullie House, Carlisle, and providing a gateway to Hadrianís Wall and the wider region.

Roman Frontier Gallery

Exhibition Design

Roman Frontier: Stories Beyond Hadrian's Wall  showcases Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery's significant Roman collections along with items on loan from the British Museum.

A broad range of interpretative techniques are employed throughout the gallery including mixed-media displays and experience-based interactive exhibits aimed at local, national and international visitors.

The Living Frontiers wall is a place where visitors can engage with ideas and stories, participate in dialogue with other visitors and the museum and develop an understanding from more contemporary examples about life on a frontier .


Redman Design and the Tullie House team worked together to find an approach that would tell this complex story in an accessible way.

A layered approach to the interpretation enables visitors to choose either an overview of the story or drill down into the details of specific themes.

Case labels are designed to place the objects on display within the context of the story, making the collection relevant to the visitor and moving beyond simple descriptions.

The Living Frontiers wall combines video and graphics and forms a backdrop to the gallery where visitors can explore the experiences of those living on modern frontiers.


"Your concept and design approach, your flexibility, sensitivity and responsiveness and your project management has been brilliant - I can't think of any other design team I have worked with who would have been better suited to the job and teh result is, I think, quite stunning"

Dr Nigel Mills
Director of World Heritage and Access
Hadrian's Wall Heritage Ltd