A city museum for the 21st century.

Leeds City Museum, Leeds

Completed: 2008    Budget: 5.3M    Size: 1830 sq m


Redman Design has completed work on the new Leeds City Museum, which has transformed the Grade II* listed Leeds Institute building into a new museum packed with stimulating displays and multi-faceted visitor experiences.

Appointed to join the Leeds museum team in 2003, we developed the concepts and designed the detail for the exhibits, all aimed at celebrating the story of the city and showcasing its world class collections

The result is a vibrant and colourful museum which vividly interprets the story of this dynamic city, selectively revealing and highlighting aspects to interest, inform and excite a diverse array of visitors.

Exhibition Design

Redman Design has created six exciting new galleries across four floors of this historic building in the heart of Leeds. These galleries are: Life on Earth, World View, The Collectors' Cabinet, Ancient Worlds, The Leeds Story and the Leeds Arena.

We have employed a wide variety of techniques and media - including AV presentations, hi and low-tech interactives, immersive experiences and re-creations - to stimulate the senses and communicate effectively with people of all ages, backgrounds and learning styles.

Whilst creating a sophisticated environment for a 21st century audience, the displays have all been designed to complement Cuthbert Brodrick's elegant Victorian architecture.


With six exciting and varied galleries within the museum, it was important to devise a graphic scheme that promoted consistency in presentation, whilst also creating a distinct identity for each gallery. Our response was to propose a suite of key graphic elements which are employed throughout the museum, with an individual colour scheme defining
each gallery.

Bold imagery from Leeds' archive collection and other professional photography was incorporated to support the stories of the diverse
collections on display. Bespoke illustrations were commissioned to set the scene for immersive experiences ranging from a Neolithic roundhouse to an 1850s crowded Leeds city street.


Redman Design developed a distinctive signage system applied thoroughout the interior of Leeds City Museum. The particular challenge was to create a solution that would complement the new circulation spaces and be sympathetic to the existing architecture.

We designed and developed a contemporary, highly legible bespoke system using superior quality materials which serves to direct visitors around the complex multi-floor museum building.