Cultural connections through art.

Cartwright Hall: Connect, Bradford

Completed: 2008    Budget: 900K    Size: 1330 m


Cartwright Hall Art Gallery is a significant regional gallery in a purpose-built, Grade II* listed gallery. Over the last 35 years the gallery has built up a nationally recognised collection of international art, much from the Indian sub-continent which is now the largest collection of its kind outside London.

The Connect project plans to revision the permanent collections through an active audience engagement programme, leading to a thematic re-display linked to environmental improvements. With a focus on the cross cultural areas of People, Place and the Imagination, the project is designed to re-engage visitors with a diverse heritage through a thematic re-interpretation of the collection, across cultures, media and timeframes.

Exhibition Design

Redman Design has developed a simple design language for the interpretative units throughout the new galleries. Our aim has been to enable the artworks on display to have maximum impact within the refurbished spaces whilst providing a flexible framework for telling the stories that create the connections between works.


Our graphics scheme was conceived to support the project's aim of making the prestigious collections more accessible by presenting them under three themes: People, Place and Imagination. Colourful hanging banners greet visitors and introduce these three themes.

To avoid interfering with the visual arts collection, additional graphics are kept to a minimum, with only a main introduction graphic and a theme panel for each gallery. Colour-coded labels assist visitors in making connections between the object and theme, as well as their relation to other objects within the display.

'Bradford Connections' are highlighted on the object labels wherever the collection has a special link to the city of Bradford.