"... a wonderful design achievement."
Andrew McCarthy, Director, Bronte Parsonage Museum

Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth

Completed: 2009    Budget: 120k    Size: 80 m


The Bronte Parsonage Museum at Haworth re-opened on 1 February 2009 following a major refurbishment. The museum's permanent exhibition, focusing on the lives and novels of the Bronte sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Ann - had been in place for over twenty-five years and although it remained popular with visitors, was in need of renewal.

The exhibition room is located in an extension to the original Bronte house, which was added in the 1870s, nearly twenty years after the Brontes' residency ended with the death of Patrick Bronte in 1861. Redman Design has worked with the Bronte Parsonage Museum to create the new exhibition Genius: The Bronte Story which has transformed the space.

Exhibition Design

Redman Design worked with the Bronte Parsonage Museum team to redevelop the permanent exhibition, transforming the room to create an airy and colourful space. 20th century panelling has been removed to expose the original windows, subtly revealing views over the church and the parsonage gardens.

A greater selection of items from the collection are now attractively displayed in well-lit, minimal impact cases at appropriate eye levels, with engaging graphic panels and clear labelling. There are brief quotes painted directly on the walls. Four imaginative interactive puzzles have been created to help younger visitors - and older ones too - derive greater enjoyment from their visit and provide an introduction to the work of the Bronte sisters.


Historical photographs taken from the collection and period typography were employed in the design of the graphic panels to evoke a sense of the Brontes' literary past. However, the bold use of colour and the clear, consistent approach to the interpretation panels, help to create a modern, and exciting exhibition.