Transforming the gallery into a vibrant, welcoming space

World Stories: Young Voices, Brighton

Completed: 2012    Budget: 400,000    Size: 166m


When coming to this project one of the things that most excited us was the fresh approach to the display of ethnographic material that the museum team was undertaking. Interpreting the collection through the voices and experiences of young people and source communities brings a new dynamic to the displays and new relevance to the collections, something we have responded to in our approach to the gallery design.

Working closely with the museum team has enabled Redman Design to deliver a remarkable transformation of the gallery, into a space that is vibrant, welcoming and dynamic and which breathes new life into the display of this important collection.

Exhibition Design

A key element of our vision was the desire to make the space brighter and more welcoming, stripping away the warren of case displays and providing visual links between spaces. We also sought to give definition to the narrative by presenting the collections within clearly defined geographic zones. The use of large scale images to support the displays creates the impression of a whirlwind world-tour through clearly defined geographic zones and collections.

The considered integration of audiovisual and mobile technology brings a range of voices to the displays and enables the views and experiences of young people and source communities to be represented within the gallery.