Five new galleries for Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham: its people, its history, Birmingham

Completed: 2012    Budget: 2.2m    Size: 1040m


Birmingham: its people, its history explores the history of the development of the city, and the people who live there. Four galleries focus on the development of the city from its earliest beginnings to 1945. A fifth gallery reveals the character and identity of Birmingham and its people today and their living memories of the city's more recent past.

Birmingham: its people, its history

Exhibition Design

Birmingham: its people, its history is presented across 1040 square metres of display space, with enhanced environmental and lighting control. The displays use new technology and multi-layered interpretation to provide interactive and engaging displays for all visitors, including families and schools.


The graphic approach for Birmingham: its people, its history supports the interpretative and 3D design approach.  Taking inspiration from the themes explored within the galleries, the graphics have been developed to reflect these themes and provide a sense of change and variety, whilst also delivering information in a consistent and accessible way.