"A real people's museum in the heart of the community"
Laury Redman

Experience Barnsley, Barnsley

Completed: 2013    Budget: 1.6m    Size: 1250m


Experience Barnsley is about exploring the people, places and spirit of Barnsley.  It is a place to discover a rich and diverse heritage, as told by those living and working in the borough - past, present and future.

The project involves redevelopment of the ground floor and basement levels of the 1930s Town Hall. As well as the main Story of Barnsley galleries, the scheme will incorporate a new archives centre, learning and community space, museum and archive stores and workshops and a temporary exhibition space. There will also be a new reception area, retail and refreshment offer and extended interpretation throughout the Town Hall.

Exhibition Design

The exhibition spaces will tell the story of Barnsley through objects and memories brought forward by local people in their thousands. The displays will use a combination of technology-based media along with multi-layered interpretation to provide a wide range of learning opportunities.

The listed interior will be stripped back to its original state to provide an open plan space to house a range of engaging exhibits, displays and media.  The spaces will be lit by new lighting technologies.

In the innovative Making History gallery, visitors will work with historical evidence and heritage in all its forms and understand the impact it can have on people's lives.