Dramatic displays of original aircraft and intriguing personal objects

The American Air Museum, Duxford

Completed: 2016    Budget: 900K   


The American Air Museum redevelopment is an exciting project that aims to refresh and refocus interpretation of its world class collection of American military aircraft. The collection, housed in an outstanding example of contemporary British architecture, tells the story of US air power and its relationship with the United Kingdom. The museum also stands as a memorial to c.30,000 US airmen and women who were killed serving in the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

Exhibition Design

Our approach retains and celebrates what is already popular within the museum whilst widening the appeal with integrated interpretation that highlights the human stories, historical context and personal experiences of the men and women involved, creating a more direct and emotional connection between audiences and exhibits.

Individual displays are positioned adjacent to large objects and serve as a flexible platform for displaying collections. Interpretation is delivered through a layered hierarchy and through a range of media which includes: Images, text, video, audio, and access to the web research database.

Digital Media

The project supports a central role for the museum's website and the ongoing volunteer research project attached to it. The website is a vehicle for containing and cataloging stories and information, building to become a substantial asset for the museum. As such itís presence within the museum is rightly seen as central to the visitor experience. The link between virtual and physical space is a key area of of innovation for the project, allowing new content to be generated by volunteers and subsequently represented within the Museum.